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Traffic Counts

Traffic counts are measured mainly during the summer months. The counts listed below are 24 hour totals that include all types of vehicles (cars, motorcycles, trucks, etc.).

The Traffic Count Map below shows all counts collected in the last five years. Individual summaries for each year (date, location and count) are also below. The Average Daily Traffic map will give you an estimated count for your location if a count has not been done there recently.

Counts on non-county roads are performed by MDOT or SW Michigan Planning Department (see below).

Berrien County Traffic Count Map (2013-2017)
Berrien County Average Daily Traffic map 
BCRD 2017 Counts
BCRD 2016 Counts
BCRD 2015 Counts (No counts)
BCRD 2014 Counts
BCRD 2013 Counts
BCRD 2012 Counts
BCRD 2011 Counts
BCRD 2010 Counts
BCRD 2009 Counts
BCRD 2008 Counts
BCRD 2007 Counts 
BCRD 2006 Counts
BCRD 2005 Counts
BCRD 2004 Counts
BCRD 2003 Counts
BCRD 2002 Counts
SW Michigan Planning Department Counts
MDOT Traffic Counts for Berrien County

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