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Berrien County EOC Event "After Action Review" Survey


  1. 1. Event Information
  2. 2. Your Information
  3. 3. Emergency Operations Management
  4. 4. Protective Action Decision Making
  5. 5. Emergency Notification and Public Information
  6. 6. Support Facilities
  7. 7. Recovery Items
  8. 8. Conclusion
  • Event Information

    1. Introduction

      This survey tracks items for consideration from either an actual event or exercise for the EOC.

    2. Event Description

      Below, provide information about the event.

    3. Exercise?*

      Was the event an exercise or actual event?

    4. Provide the date/time span that this survey covers. If the event was a multiple day event, a "hotwash" should be completed at the end of each shift.

    5. Incident Type?*

      Provide the type of incident.

    6. Provide a short summary of the event, focusing on the conditions that your agency was focused on for the time period this survey covers.