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Emergency Management

  1. Berrien County EOC Event "After Action Review" Survey

    This survey tracks items for consideration learned from either an actual event or exercise.

  2. CERT Academy Wait List (Interest)

    Use this form to express interest in the next CERT academy. They are usually run one time each year. You will be notified directly... More…

  3. Report Disaster Damage

    Use this form to report property damage caused by a Disaster in Berrien County. Do not use this form to request emergency assistance.... More…

  1. Berrien County Event "Hotwash" Form

    This form should be completed after every shift of every emergency. This is not an After Action Review, but can help inform one.

  2. Register Disaster Resources

    This form is used if your agency would like to register resources you may have that can be called upon during an emergency or disaster... More…