Small Claims Booklet

Small Claims is the division of the Trial Court used by people to settle their disputes without lawyers. When a case is tried in the Small Claims Division, all parties give up:

  1. The right to an attorney
  2. The right to appeal (if the case is heard by a judge)
  3. The right to a jury trial.

Citizens Mediation Service

The Berrien County Trial Court, Small Claims Division, recommends that parties in Small Claims cases consider using Citizens Mediation Service to assist them to settle their dispute. For this reason, most small claims cases will be referred to Citizens Mediation Service by the Court for settlement prior to trial. Since they opened in 1992, the mediators at Citizens Mediation Service have helped many people settle their disputes. A part of every civil filing fee paid in the State of Michigan is given to Citizens Mediation Service.

Citizens Mediation Service Telephone Number 1-269-982-7898.

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