Collecting Police Patches

Today many law enforcement officers share a similar hobby of collecting and trading police patches. Every local, county and state agency has their own special design that makes their patch unique not only to their department but to their community. Over time some of the patches may have changed or have been replaced. This only adds to the excitement of patch collecting.

Primary Patches

The police patch is as much a part of the uniform as any other part including the badge. The patch boldly displays the officers area of jurisdiction and is worn with pride. The following pictures display past and present patches that have been worn by the men and women of the Berrien County Sheriff's Office.

1950s Sheriff Patch
1960s Sheriff Patch
Current Sheriff Patch

Special Patches

In addition to the primary patches, many special units within the department have their own patch that identifies the person wearing the emblem as a member of that team.

Explorer Star Patch
Berrien County Pistol Patch
Radio Patrol Sheriff Patch